HALLOWEEN Sequels Confirmed By John Carpenter

David Gordon Green's HALLOWEEN is officially a trilogy.

We've been hearing for some time that Blumhouse is gearing up for another Halloween sequel, with Jamie Lee Curtis, Judy Greer, and Andi Matichak expected to return to face off with Michael Myers again. That news has evolved over the past month, as reports claim that Blumhouse is prepping not one, but two Halloween sequels, with David Gordon Green returning to direct both – possibly even back-to-back (though we did learn this week that Green is also in talks to direct a Cambridge Analytica movie). None of which is exactly surprising, given that Green and co-writer Danny McBride already seemed to have ideas for a sequel or two back when they were in production on 2018's Halloween. Enter original filmmaker and composer John Carpenter with a little clarity on the situation:

Yep, Green's Halloween is officially becoming a trilogy, and while it's yet to be confirmed that he's directing both sequels, that seems like the likely outcome (dude's a machine, he can handle it). The bigger news is, of course, that these two sequels have release dates, with the first – titled Halloween Kills – arriving on October 16, 2020, and the second – titled Halloween Ends – arriving on October 15, 2021. 

2018's Halloween felt like such a perfect conclusion to the franchise – one that paid homage to Carpenter's work while also telling a surprisingly poignant story about generational trauma between mothers and daughters. (It would make a great triple feature with Hereditary and The Haunting of Hill House, as I've written about elsewhere). I've no doubt that Green and McBride already have some very clever and exciting ideas to build their Halloween out into a trilogy, and as a huge fan of both of them, I'm always happy to see the efforts of their collaborations. At the same time, I'm remaining somewhat skeptical – cautiously optimistic, at best – about the continuation of a story that felt so complete.