SDCC 2019: Here’s The First Trailer For Shudder’s CREEPSHOW Series

Yet another reason to subscribe to Shudder.

We've known for some time that Shudder was working on its very own Creepshow series, based on the movie of the same name from Stephen King and George A. Romero, but today we're getting our very first look at footage from the show, which will be available exclusively on Shudder starting on September 26th.

How's it look? Pretty wild! 

The Walking Dead's Greg Nicotero's shepherding this one onto screens, and - as you can see - it's an anthology jam, just like the movie (the major difference, of course, being that Creepshow episodes will be helmed by a variety of directors, while the movie was 100% pure, uncut Romero). Based on what we're seeing here, it's clear Creepshow's working with a somewhat limited budget, but I suspect those limitations will serve this show well. Part and parcel of Creepshow's entire "deal", if you know what I mean.

Directors lined up for this series include Roxanne Benjamin, Rob Schrab, Tom Savini, Dave Bruckner, John Harrison and - last, but certainly not least - the great Greg Nicotero, while the cast includes folks like David Arquette, Adrienne Barbeau, Tobin Bell, Big Boi, Jeffrey Combs (!!!), Kid Cudi, Bruce Davison, Giancarlo Esposito, Dana Gould, Tricia Helfer and DJ Qualls. 

Oh, and here's Creepshow's first poster:

I am a known lover of the anthology format and a great big fan of everything Shudder does (seriously, it's like $5 and they frequently cycle in new content; if you're a horror fan, you really should have a subscription by now), so I'm very hyped to find out what Creepshow's like in action. I'll be tuning in when the series hits Shudder on September 26th. How 'bout you? 

Stay tuned for more on Creepshow as further updates become available.