SDCC 2019: Brandon Routh’s Superman To Return During CRISIS ON INFINITE EARTHS

It's all happening!

We’ve known that the Arrowverse’s Crisis on Infinite Earths has been coming for some now. With SDCC in full swing, we’ve moved on from little teases to just straight-up news. Not to put too fine of a point on it, but it’s some good freaking news!

Currently, the Arrowverse’s Superman (Tyler Hoechlin) resides on Argo to be with the rest of his Kryptonian family and to keep Lois safe during her pregnancy. However, it sounds like the Man of Steel will be returning to help out during the Crisis event coming our way in the fall. Today we found out he won’t be the only Kal-El joining the fray.

Superman Returns remains criminally underappreciated, especially considering Brandon Routh’s portrayal of The Man of Steel. We’ve had several jokes about Routh’s other DC character throughout his tenure as The Atom on Arrow and eventually Legends of Tomorrow, but we’re finally seeing the CW Network’s very own boy scout don the cape once again. How will it happen? We don’t know. When during the Crisis event will we see him back in the trunks? We don’t know that either.

What we do know is that this news is incredible, and that an already crazy exciting crossover event just keeps getting cooler! Up until the news breaking this morning, I never would have thought such a thing possible. With that in mind, what other impossible nonsense do you hope to see during Crisis on Infinite Earths?