SDCC 2019: The Russo Brothers May Adapt BATTLE OF THE PLANETS

The only thing bigger than ENDGAME is having whole PLANETS duke it out.

After the one-two punch of Avengers: Infinity War and Endgame, The Russo Brothers can basically do anything they want. And according to their panel at Comic-Con, they’ve been mulling some options.

The big one is an adaptation of the very popular anime Battle of the Planets. This seems very much like a thing they’d be into. Just to be clear, we’re in the speculative stage here. No writer, not even sure if it would be a show or a movie or what. Just straight up “Hey, the Russos might do a Battle of the Planets thing!”

But that’s not all. They are also eyeballing an adaptation of the indie comic Grim Jack. I don’t know much from Grim Jack. The title is fairly obscure. A quick Wiki look, however, reveals a pretty dark story set in a wacky alternate world with aliens and magic and all that. The darkness of it has me intrigued.

Between the two projects, that’s a lot of “maybe” to take. But hey, no one is in a better position to get some wacky shit done. Which of these two do you hope the Russos tackle in the future?