SDCC 2019: THE WALKING DEAD Is Headed To Theaters

And Andrew Lincoln's gonna be in it.

Yet more unexpected news out of this year's SDCC: according to this tweet, published by the official Universal Studios Twitter account...

....we're getting a Walking Dead movie. 

And not just any Walking Dead movie. This is a theatrical-release Walking Dead movie which will feature the return of Andrew Lincoln's Rick Grimes, best known as the put-upon cop who just can't seem to stop crying during the zombie apocalypse. As you may or may not know, Lincoln wrapped his run on the AMC series of the same name at the end of its most recent season, but now it appears he'll be back. 

The news here is not the return of Lincoln's character (Grimes was due to return in what was originally planned as a series of original TV movies), but the fact that it's going theatrical definitely isDoes this imply the Walking Dead movie will be operating with a higher budget? A name director? Who else is gonna be in it? Will the characters in the film be pushed to their absolute breaking point by both the inherent darkness of humanity and their world's ongoing reanimated corpse issue? 

There's much we don't know at this time, but we're curious to see where all this is headed. The BMD crew tapped out on The Walking Dead ages ago, but a feature film puts this back on our map in a big way. We're going to have to start paying attention to this again now, and keeping you updated, and thinking about The Walking Dead way more than we do now. Even for this show, this is a dark twist.

Stay tuned for more on the only-in-theaters Walking Dead movie as further updates become available.