We’re Giving Away One Of Daniel Danger’s Stunning IT Posters

Sign up for the BMD Newsletter, maybe score some bloody good art for your wall.

As you may or may not know, Birth.Movies.Death. launched a newsletter earlier this year, one which we pack full of unmissable links and ship off to our subscribers every Friday, rain or shine. It's our way of helping you, the gentle BMD readers of the world, keep up with all the goings-on here at the site (and, indeed, the entertainment world at large).

No, no - no need to thank us. It's our pleasure.

Well, today we're trying out a fun new thing, and it's BMD Newsletter-related: we're giving away one of Daniel Danger's gorgeous new IT posters (produced, of course, by our friends over at Mondo) to one random person who signs up for the BMD Newsletter between now and the end of the weekend. You can only get this poster if you're at this year's SDCC, so here's your chance to snag one even if you're stuck at home. 

First, let's take a look...

Pretty great, right? You'd like that to hang in your living room, or least-favorite child's bedroom, right? Well, see that orange box there, on the right-hand side of your screen? The one that says SIGN UP FOR THE BMD NEWSLETTER? Enter your email address into that and you're entered to win. It's just that simple (we promise not to give your email address away to any unsavory customers and/or enemy nations). 

But that's not all we're giving away today: on top of a Grand Prize Winner, we're also going to randomly select two more subscribers, who'll receive a free copy of the not-yet-announced December issue of BMD Magazine, completely on the house. We can't tell you what that issue of BMD Magazine will be covering, but we can tell you that it's gonna be stacked with excellent content, and that you're all but guaranteed to want one. 

So, let's recap:

  • Sign up for the BMD Newsletter using the sign-up widget on this page
  • Do this by Sunday, July 21st at Midnight (CST)
  • If your email is selected as a winner, I'll hit you up directly.

This is, perhaps, the easiest giveaway we've ever done. No trivia questions to answer. No Photoshops to put together. Just type your email address into that little orange box and you're entered to win (we'll even take care of the shipping costs). Easy peasy, right?

Good luck to everyone who signs up, and do stay subscribed even if you don't win: we're sketching out plans for further giveaways and fun surprises for the BMD Newsletter in the future, and you're not gonna want to miss out on those!

Stay tuned.