SDCC 2019: Basically Everybody Is Doing Voice-Acting For WHAT IF…?

Even your mom and even my dad.

So we already knew Marvel was doing an animated What If…? series for Disney+. That’s all fine and dandy, but will the characters we know and love still sound like the characters we know and love? Looks like the answer is yes.

Here is the list of folks who are reprising roles for What If…? You may start guessing what the episodes will be about now:

Michael B. Jordan

Sebastian Stan

Josh Brolin

Mark Ruffalo

Tom Hiddleston

Stanley Tucci

Taika Waititi

Toby Jones

Djimon Hounsou

Jeff Goldblum

Michael Rooker

Chris Sullivan (yo, that’s Taserface)

Michael Douglas

Paul Rudd

Jeremy Renner

Karen Gillan

Haley Atwell

Chadwick Boseman

Chris Hemsworth

Samuel L. Jackson

Also, for fucking real, Jeffrey Wright is playing The Watcher.

Wow. Just wow, forward and backward. What If…? hits summer of 2021.