A BEAUTIFUL DAY IN THE NEIGHBORHOOD Drops Its First Trailer Right Onto Your Heart

This looks delightful.

It’s rough out there. Now more than ever, people need reminders of things that are actually good in the world. That’s part of why people responded so strongly to Morgan Neville’s Mr. Rogers documentary Won’t You Be My Neighbor. And it’s probably going to be instrumental when A Beautiful Day in the Neighborhood wins a ton of awards next year. After looking at the film’s first trailer, it seems inevitable:

So the plot appears to be structured around a journalist learning about Fred Rogers by doing a profile on him, a pretty classic way to do this sort of thing. I’m sure his exposure to Rogers will help him figure out problems in his personal life and all that. And I’m okay with it. I don’t think you go to a movie like this expecting anyone to reinvent the wheel.

The other big question this trailer answers is how Tom Hanks’ version of Fred Rogers will look and sound. Well, he’s not doing a straight impression, which is probably for the best. There’s a bit of an accent and an affected speech pattern, but it doesn’t quite sound like Rogers. Above all, the warmth and patience Rogers was famous for is still front and center.

People are going to be crying their eyes out for this one when it hits this November. There’s just no denying it. Bring some tissues.