At Long Last, The Trailer For DANIEL ISN’T REAL Has Arrived

By all accounts, this one's something special.

Amidst all the hubbub that unfolded at this year's SDCC was the release of a trailer for Adam Egypt Mortimer's Daniel Isn't Real, a movie we've been hearing about for quite some time. A darkly funny psychological thriller starring Patrick Schwarzenegger (who's reportedly great in the film), Miles Robbins, Sasha Lane and, Mary Stuart Masterson, we've been hearing about this one for quite some time (our own Marisa Maribal caught the film at this year's SXSW and liked what she saw).

Today, we're thrilled to have the film's very first trailer to gawk at. See what you think.

Yup, this looks right up our alley - stylish, weird, moody and meticulously composed. Truth be told, we've sorta gone out of our way not to learn too much about this one before getting a chance to see it for ourselves, but everything here looks very compelling, indeed. If nothing else, former BMD editor and current FANGORIA Editor-in-Chief Phil Nobile Jr. called it "a sexy, scary, Buddhist Drop Dead Fred for the thinking horror fan", and, I do you not get excited about a description like that? We're in.

Here's an official plot synopsis, for your records:

"Troubled college freshman Luke (Robbins) suffers a violent family trauma and resurrects his childhood imaginary friend Daniel (Schwarzenegger) to help him cope. Charismatic and full of manic energy, Daniel helps Luke to achieve his dreams, before pushing him to the very edge of sanity and into a desperate struggle for control of his mind -- and his soul."

This one won't be here until December 6th, but rest assured we'll be keeping a close eye on it between now and then. In the meantime: have any of you caught this film during one of its festival runs? Did you dig it? Not so much? Sound off in the comments below, and stay tuned for more on Daniel Isn't Real as further updates roll in. We're very curious about this one!