Composer Podcast: Dan the Automator Scores BOOKSMART

After listening to this behind-the-scenes conversation, you'll automatically love the score to BOOKSMART.

One of the darlings of the summer cinema season has been the directorial debut feature film from actress Olivia Wilde entitled Booksmart. At the root of its indy charm are two inseparable high school seniors played by Kaitlyn Dever (Amy) and Beanie Feldstein (Molly), who on the eve of their graduation decide to go a bit crazy and live it up for once before their high school experience is "lost" to studying and scholastic achievement. 

It’s an honest, raunchy, hilarious, and heart-warming story relatable by wide audiences that touches the strings of regret we all feel when we’ve been acting a bit “too good” for too long. The entire movie is anchored by an eclectic score by Dan the Automator (Dan Nakamura). It’s simpleton yet heroic tone matches the female leads perfectly in their quest for total partying domination.

Tony Giles of the Damn Fine Cast recently chatted behind-the-scenes with Dan the Automator about his crazy musical concoction for Booksmart and the results are fascinating. Tony often likes to show the spotlight on new composers or ones who aren’t offered the spotlight as often as others so the wealth of information he digs up is fresh, new, and invigorating. This particular conversation has been one of my favorites recent memory.

Lakeshore Records is releasing Dan the Automator’s score on blue marble vinyl next month and it’s worth checking out HERE.


Click HERE to listen to Tony's chat with Dan the Automator about his score Booksmart