Netflix’s WU ASSASSINS Looks A Little Bit Silly, A Little Bit Awesome

Can one body hold the power of Iko Uwais AND Mark Dacascos?

Look, you gotta take the good with the bad. Here’s the good: Netflix has a new series coming called Wu Assassins that stars Iko Uwais as a chef who finds out he’s actually a huge ass-kicker who has to take down his dad’s crime organization. Apparently, that ass-kicker comes in the form of Mark Dacascos.

The bad is, well, some of the effects could be better. Check it out for yourself:

So I’m definitely watching this, I don’t care how bad some of the effects look. Having said that, they are pretty unfortunate. But hey, a whole series of Mark Dacascos kicking tons of asses with Iko Uwais’ body? I mean, who can say no to that?

Wu Assassins season one runs ten episodes and is expected to hit Netflix August 8. Maybe you can resist its call. I know I can’t, silly effects or no. But maybe, just maybe, don’t put this in your trailer: