Behold, The First Trailer For Fred Durst’s THE FANATIC

John Travolta looks like this in it.

In a year overflowing with highly-anticipated films, it's hard to stand out from the crowd. But 'round these parts, there are few 2019 titles the BMD crew is looking forward to more than Fred Durst's The Fanatic (formerly known as Moose), starring John Travolta in a terrible bowl cut.

The leaked set photos, one of which featured John Travolta wearing what can only be described as a Cap'n Crunch costume, were baffling. The rumors surrounding the film, which have pegged it as a sort-of Dollar General remake of Tony Scott's The Fan, have been nothing short of tantalizing. And, once again, let me remind you this movie is directed by Limp Bizkit frontman Fred Durst.

I mean, really: how could anyone not be excited? 

This, gentle BMD readers, is the first trailer for Fred Durst's The Fanatic, and it's even more exciting than we ever could have imagined. Travolta's hair. The performance. The moment where you realize that's Devon Sawa playing the action movie star being stalked by Travolta's character. The hockey mask. The distinct "trash '90s thriller" vibe. We couldn't be more hyped if we tried.

Intriguingly, almost no one seems to have actually seen Durst's film at this point, another similarity The Fanatic shares with Glenn Danzig's Verotika (which is, of course, one of our other most highly-anticipated films of the year), so we have almost no idea what to expect. It's clear that everyone involved is taking a big swing on this one, but will that swing connect? 

Will The Fanatic be any good? Worth the wait? Will it be bad but also worth the wait? Only time will tell. Good news is, we won't have to wait much longer to find out: Durst's film hits select theaters on August 30th, followed by a move to VOD and digital on September 6th. One way or another, we'll be seeing it as soon as possible. Rest assured we will report back with our findings.