In Which Quentin Tarantino Settles The KILL BILL Debate Once And For All

Is it one movie or two? Only QT can say for sure.

You have picked up your copy of BMD Magazine's Quentin Tarantino issue, right?

For as long as the Kill Bills have existed, a tedious debate has raged as to whether Quentin Tarantino made one movie or two. On the one hand, the Kill Bill script is one, long piece of writing. On the other hand, the film was famously split into two volumes and released months apart. Further complicating the matter: the persistent rumor that Tarantino's all-in cut of the film, Kill Bill: The Whole Bloody Affair, would soon be released to home video (as you well know, this hasn't happened yet).

But recently, during his appearance on the ReelBlend podcast, Tarantino settled the debate once and for all. Asked whether or not Kill Bill is one movie or two, the director says (quote via IndieWire):

“Technically we released it as two movies, and there is a closing and an opening credits [on each movie], but I made it as one movie and I wrote it as one movie, [so it’s one movie].”

So, there you have it. Kill Bill is one movie, comprised of both Kill Bill Vol. 1 and Kill Bill Vol. 2 (note: yes, I somehow managed to misread this quote the first time around - how? I have no earthly idea, folks, sometimes these things happen; you have my apologies). Perhaps one day we'll see the release of Kill Bill: The Whole Bloody Affair, and that'll soothe the pain of anyone determined to consider the Kill Bills as two separate films, but we'll revisit the question if and when that day ever comes. Lord knows we hope it does, as those who've actually seen The Whole Bloody Affair tell us it's excellent. Hey, maybe Netflix would be interested in giving it a home? Someone should ask.

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