ANGEL HAS FALLEN Graces Us With A New Trailer And Character Posters

Yes, one of them is of Nick Nolte.

We are living in a glorious time for action fans. You got Fast and Furious, Marvel, John Wick, Mission: Impossible all running their series into higher and higher numbers. But then, we also have some gloriously wrong-headed R-rated enterprises as well. Scott Adkins is out there making like four movies a year. Antoine Fuqua is still hitting pretty hard. And we’re still lucky enough to get these dumb Mike Banning movies.

Which is all to say, there is a new Angel Has Fallen trailer. Check it out:

Yes, I’m still in. Was there ever any doubt? Even with a new director and wider scope London Has Fallen totally knew what it was, and the addition of Nick Nolte tells me this one does as well. I am all for it.

And a trailer isn’t all! There are also character posters. I didn’t even know Lance Reddick was in this!