Tommy Wiseau Joins The MCU With AVENGERS: FRIEND GAME

And perpetual enabler Greg Sestero helps Tommy get a bit musical.

If you're anything like me, you probably periodically wonder what your friend and mine, Tommy Wiseau, is up to these days. He and best friend Greg Sestero just released the two-part passion project Best F(r)iends last year, but it's thus far been pretty quiet about what the duo has been working on next. Well, apparently they've been hanging out with Schmoyoho - famous for their Songify YouTube series - and sketch comedy duo PistolShrimps to create... uh, well, it's best you see for yourself.

Yep. After a quick intro where Tommy's footage from The Room is recruited into the Avengers by Nick Fury, and Greg does a bit of green screen work to lob insults at Thanos, we're whipped into a full-on music video where Avengers are dubbed with autotuned lines from The Room and Tommy flies around the screen like a mid-2000s screensaver.

True to Songify form, the music is catchy and watchable, if not exactly worthy of your playlist, and if the idea of mashing up The Avengers with The Room seems out of left field, then you clearly don't understand what on-brand means for Wiseau. It doesn't appear that Tommy himself actually created any new content for the remix, but if the idea was to capitalize on the Blu-ray release of the biggest film event of the year in order to get you thinking of the good ol' Wiseau brand again, then mission accomplished. Whatever it takes (to sell underwear with your name on it), right Mr. Wiseau?

And loyal readers, sorry-not-sorry for getting that chorus of Tommy going "cheep cheep cheep" stuck in your heads for the rest of the day. Now you know what it's like inside my corrupted brain. You're welcome.