Adrian Lyne Returns To Cinema With DEEP WATER, Starring Ben Affleck

Mom and dad, start booking your babysitter now.

Everything has been falling apart lately, and we can point to all kinds of reasons why. But perhaps one we haven’t considered is Adrian Lyne hasn’t made a film since 2002’s Unfaithful. Think about it.

Looks like that’s finally about to change. Deadline reports Lyne is looking at a November production start for Deep Water, an adaptation of the Patricia Highsmith novel that is expected to star Ben Affleck and Ana de Armas.

This may shock you coming from Lyne, but the film will be an erotic thriller. This will shock you coming from Affleck, but the film will be an erotic thriller about a bad marriage. The idea is a couple’s marriage is starting to fall apart and they turn to sanctioned infidelity and unsanctioned mind games and people around them start dying and I don’t know who cares people will have sex and people will die and it’s gonna be trashy and awesome.

As the Deadline article states, this isn’t quite a done deal yet, but the expectations are for it to start in November, so it is likely to be a done deal pretty darn soon. I for one welcome this return of smutty thrillers to big screens and hope it’s the start of a new trend. We’ll see!