Yes, The Alamo Drafthouse Is Doing Clowns-Only Screenings Of IT CHAPTER TWO

Welcome to Nopesville!

The release of It Chapter Two is quickly approaching. In typical Alamo Drafthouse fashion, teams across the country are ready to up the proverbial ante when it comes to the film’s spooky factor. Namely, you can now join watch Andy Muschietti's It Chapter 2 among an audience of actual clowns.

Back when It Chapter One released, this option was only available at a small smattering of screens. But after the previous film’s wild success (and a surprising number of you wanting to beep-beep your way into theaters in your own terrifying clown attire), this year’s screening has expanded to seventeen theaters across eight states!

Here's what that looked like the last time we did this:

As you can see, we’re not talking about showing up to the Drafthouse in a clown tee-shirt. We want the wig, we want the shoes, we want the comically-oversized pants. And, most importantly, we want the makeup! We want you all to make Dat Boi Pennywise proud with your spookiest clown attire. Then we want you to sit back and enjoy one of our most anticipated film of the year.

See if your local Alamo Drafthouse is hosting, and nab those tickets here!