RUMOR: An Extended Cut Of ONCE UPON A TIME IN HOLLYWOOD May Be Headed For Netflix

"Cool if true", indeed.

Stand by for an important bit of gossip from Kyle Buchanan, of the New York Times... 

Yes, you heard the man: rumors are swirling that Quentin Tarantino is working on an extended, episodic cut of Once Upon a Time in Hollywood for Netflix.

These are, for the moment, nothing more than rumors, and of course it's unlikely that anyone involved in such an endeavor would confirm or deny the existence of a new OUATIH cut even if they were asked about it point-blank. But Buchanan's not the type to go around spreading bullshit, and this would definitely be right in line with the Hateful Eight rejiggering Tarantino recently did for the streaming service. 

Here's what we do know: Tarantino and company definitely shot scenes for Once Upon a Time in Hollywood that didn't make it into the movie, and Tarantino himself has suggested he'd be interested in producing additional OUATIH content (namely: eight episodes of Rick Dalton's Bounty Law series) for the platform. Had the dude not literally just done something similar for Hateful Eight, we'd be more skeptical...but all of this tracks.

What do y'all think? Are you interested in an expanded Once Upon a Time in Hollywood? Not so much? Think the above's likely to be true, or did someone get their wires crossed? Sound off in the comments below, and stay tuned for further updates on this situation as they become available. Once Upon a Time in Hollywood, as you know, is now in theaters.