Stephen King’s Writing A New Ending For Josh Boone’s THE STAND

Also, a bunch of rumored cast members just got confirmed.

So, here's some exciting news for Stephen King fans: according to a press release sent out by CBS All Access, Josh Boone's forthcoming adaptation of Stephen King's The Stand will feature an all-new final chapter written by King himself. This new ending won't be found in any copy of The Stand you pick up at your local bookstore, and there's no telling what it might entail. Wild!

Furthermore, they've gone ahead and confirmed some of the rumored casting choices we heard about a while back: as expected, James Marsden is onboard to play Stu Redman; Amber Heard's playing Nadine Cross; Odessa Young will play Frannie Goldsmith; and - last, but certainly not least - 13 Reasons Why's Henry Zaga will star as Nick Andros.

The press release contains no information one way or another about Whoopi Goldberg's rumored casting as Mother Abigail, nor does it say anything about Marilyn Manson's possible inclusion in the cast (holy shit, what if they've got him for Trashcan Man?).

Outside of the new King ending, all of this is pretty much as expected. So let's instead focus on what the new ending might be. A flash-forward set years after the events of the novel? Something tying the series directly into the Dark Tower mythology? Stu Redman waking up and realizing that it was all just a dream? We have no idea, but we're certainly curious to find out.

Give us your best guesses in the comments below, and stay tuned for more on The Stand as further updates become available.