Sylvester Stallone And Dolph Lundgren Are Working On A Television Show Together

The world grows more beautiful with each passing day.

Things are looking up in the world. My only evidence is this is my second Dolph Lundgren news post of the week. The first was about It’s Always Sunny. This one is about an upcoming television show with involvement from Sylvester Stallone. I don’t think my point could be any stronger.

Deadline reports that Sylvester Stallone went into a bunch of network television meetings, as well as Netflix and Apple, and got them all excited about a proposed show in which Dolph Lundgren plays “a one-man S.W.A.T. team and hostage negotiator” for the U.N.

You can practically feel all the dads in the world suddenly smelling this in the air and abandoning their kids’ first bike ride to lumber toward the television. Hold on, Dad, it’s not on yet!

In fact, it may not come out at all! It’s very early. But the signs thus far are promising. Based on this report, it doesn’t sound like Stallone will be in the show, but he is likely to direct the first episode. And who knows with Stallone. He may like what he sees and decide to suddenly become a full on co-star.

In any event, this is exciting news for me and my fellow Dolph Lundgren fans. While few were looking he quietly became a really good actor and I’m eager to see what variety he can show with his very own hour-long.