Amazon’s Working On An EVENT HORIZON TV Series

And Adam Wingard's attached to direct.

So here's something we didn't expect to hear today: according to Variety, Adam Wingard will executive produce and direct a new series for Amazon based on Paul WS Anderson's 1997 sci-fi horror film, Event Horizon. Wingard, as you surely don't need to be told, is the director behind such films as 2014's The Guest and 2016's Blair Witch. He's currently in production on next year's Godzilla VS. Kong.

The original Event Horizon revolved around a spaceship with an experimental gravity drive which goes missing while out exploring the universe. A rescue crew goes looking for it, locates the ship, and (spoilers for a two-decade-old movie to follow) discovers that the original ship inadvertently traveled to Hell, only to bring back malevolent forces from its time there. Much bloodshed and a top-notch Sam Neill performance ensue.

Would Event Horizon work as a TV series? Well, we imagine they'd need to do some extensive rejiggering to the narrative, but sure, it could work. We're not entirely sure how you stretch that narrative out to across multiple seasons, perhaps, but that lack of imagination is precisely why we were not put in charge of developing an Event Horizon series for Amazon. 

What do y'all make of this? Curious to see what Wingard and company come up with? Think they should leave Event Horizon well enough alone? How do you think they manage serializing this story? Sound off in the comments below, and do stay tuned for further updates on Amazon's Event Horizon series at they become available.