AMERICAN CRIME STORY Is Tackling the Clinton Impeachment (For Real This Time)

They had us all fooled, but there’s nothing this show won’t touch.

So at the same conference where Atlanta was confirmed for a fourth season, FX also dropped the news that American Crime Story season 3 will in fact be titled Impeachment, and will chronicle the major events of the Clinton-Lewinsky scandal and President Bill Clinton’s impeachment. For anyone who’s been following American Crime Story developments, this is a whirlwind turn of events.

Let’s take a wistful stroll through the storied history of American Crime Story season 3, shall we? After The People vs. OJ Simpson was such a critical and commercial hit, FX immediately ordered two more season of the anthology crime procedural. Originally, season 2 was going to be about medical corruption during Hurricane Katrina, and season 3 would chronicle the murder of Gianni Versace, but eventually the order was swapped. Season 4 was announced not long after, with the promise that it would focus on the Clinton-Lewinsky scandal. Season 2, The Assassination of Gianni Versace, aired last year, while production on seasons 3 and 4 stalled and were eventually scrapped. Showrunner Ryan Murphy attributed season 4’s cancellation to a need for sensitivity and the lack of Monica Lewinsky’s involvement, saying “Nobody should tell [Lewinsky’s] story but [Lewinsky], and it's kind of gross if they do.”

Well, it seems Lewinsky heard Murphy’s implicit offer loud and clear, and the two are teaming up to executive produce Impeachment: American Crime Story as the show’s third season. And as if to assure us that the show is really happening this time, FX announced a cast as. The new Queen of Coming-of-Age Beanie Feldstein will star as Lewinsky, with Annaleigh Ashford and ACS/AHS veteran Sarah Paulson joining her to play Paula Jones and Linda Tripp respectively.

As a devoted fan of both American Crime Story and historic media circuses, I honestly can’t wait for this show, and this cast excites me even more. Kudos, ACS. You really had me fooled that there were some things your show was afraid to touch. Is Katrina still on the table for a possible fourth season?