Rejoice: FX’S ATLANTA Is Getting A Fourth Season

Season 3 is still a work-in-progress, though.

While we impatiently wait to see where Earn and Paper Boi’s European tour will take them in Atlanta season 3, we can already rest knowing that Atlanta season 4 will follow soon after. While speaking in front of the Television Critics Association, FX announced that production on seasons 3 and 4 will begin next Spring. 

Fans might take this as a bittersweet piece of news, considering that season 2 of Donald Glover’s gut-punching dramedy aired 15 months ago (but who’s counting), and the current production schedule indicates that Atlanta season 3 won’t be ready until Fall 2020 at earliest (15 more months to go, probably). But at least we know for certain that there’s a lot more Atlanta coming, and since they’re producing the next two seasons concurrently, the wait between 3 and 4 shouldn’t be nearly as dire.

When FX’s cancellation of Donald Glover’s Deadpool series weirdly coincided with the acquisition of Fox (FX’s parent company) by Disney, there was plenty of concern about a shortening of the reins happening at the boundary-pushing TV company. Who’s to say what really went on with Deadpool, but at least Glover’s ill-luck with that series hasn’t translated over to his magnum opus, which critics, audiences, and FX’s execs all seem to love. Long live Atlanta, may it reach 6 seasons and a mixtape.