Taika Waititi To Make One More Movie Before Getting To THOR: LOVE AND THUNDER

We have no idea what it's about. We don't even know the title.

This just in from Variety: Taika Waititi, director of this year's Jojo Rabbit and the recently-announced Thor: Love and Thunder, is now attached to write and direct one more movie before getting back to the MCU. We have no idea what this project is, what it's about or what it's even called, but Variety says Fox Searchlight was very eager to lock Waititi into the deal, and "sold Waititi on the prospect of getting this mystery project finished with enough time to then jump into the next Thor.”

So, this is one of those posts. We know something's happening. We know Taika Waititi is the person doing that something. But we don't know what that something is. These are, quite frankly, the lamest news posts one might be compelled to write, but given our enduring love for all things Taika and the expedited turnaround time, we figured we'd go ahead and mention it.

There. Now you know. We'll keep you informed as further updates roll in.

(Note: Header photo by Gage Skidmore, used with permission via Wikimedia Commons)