Pablo Larrain Will Direct Julianne Moore in LISEY’S STORY

Stephen King will write all eight episodes of the miniseries.

There are a few Stephen King stories that aren't as easily adaptable as others – Lisey's Story is one, so it's not exactly surprising that it's taken several years for this one to get off the ground. Not too long ago, J.J. Abrams came on board to produce the project, which has landed at Apple TV+ with Julianne Moore attached to star. In a recent interview with the Boston Globe, Moore revealed that Pablo Larrain – director of Jackie – has signed on to direct the miniseries, all eight episodes of which will be written by King himself. Moore also discussed her own King fandom with the Globe

I actually wrote [King] a fan letter after I read ‘The Stand,’ while I was a student in Boston. He is unparalleled at combining the drama of everyday life with the supernatural, at the idea that there’s this membrane between [them].

Couldn't have said it better myself. While King doesn't have the most sterling track record with screenwriting and adapting his own properties, it's that last bit from Moore's quote that makes the author's involvement particularly, potentially awesome. Published in 2006, Lisey's Story is a deeply personal work of horror-fantasy concerning Lisey Landon, who becomes a widow following the death of her acclaimed novelist husband, Scott. The book vacillates between the widow Lisey's discovery and journey into the mystical and oft-frightening place where Scott drew inspiration, and Lisey's reflections of the couple's 25-year marriage and memories of their life together. Due to the intimate nature of the source material, it's fitting that King would adapt his own work here. And with Larrain on board to direct, we're sure to have something truly special when Lisey's Story hits streaming.