Rejoice: Nathan Fielder Is Coming To HBO

Today is a day for celebration.

Ever since Nathan Fielder's Nathan For You ended its run on Comedy Central, we've been waiting with bated breath to see where he might pop up next. Bit parts in a few recent comedies were nice, to be sure, but they simply didn't scratch the same itch as Fielder's legendarily weird (and endlessly rewatchable) Comedy Central series. Today, we're one step closer to seeing that weirdness return.

According to Variety, Fielder has just signed a one-year overall deal with HBO, one which will involve him executive producing a new series while writing, directing and starring in another. The former is called How To…With John Wilson.

Variety describes the series thusly:

How To…With John Wilson is a half-hour, first person documentary series hosted by an anxious New Yorker (Wilson) who attempts to give everyday advice while dealing with his own personal issues. Acting as both cameraman and narrator, he covertly documents the lives of fellow New Yorkers in a comic odyssey of self-discovery, inevitably making the audience comfortable with the awkward contradictions of modern life."

The latter, meanwhile, is currently shrouded in secrecy - we don't know what it's called or what it's about. All we know is that, again, Fielder will write, direct and star in the series. Will it be another faux reality series, a la Nathan For You? A scripted series with Fielder playing a fictional character, possibly also named Nathan? There's no telling, but we really don't care. We just want Fielder back on our TV screens, and we're prepared to get hyped about any project which promises to do that. 

As such, we're very excited about all of the above, and can't wait to see where it takes us. Stay tuned for more information on How To...With John Wilson and Fielder's other, as-yet-unnamed HBO series, as further updates roll in. Until then, we celebrate.