It’s Time To Unwrap The LAST CHRISTMAS Trailer

You like Christmas? Emilia Clarke? The work of Paul Feig? Well, here ya go.

Today brings us the very first trailer for Paul Feig's Last Christmas, a holiday-themed romantic comedy starring Emilia Clarke (Game of Thrones) and Henry Golding (Crazy Rich Asians), co-written by none other than Emma Thompson and playwright Bryony Kimmings. How's it look? Well, reasonably entertaining, but it also seems like this trailer might be overplaying its hand.

See if you notice anything out of place here.

Soooo, Henry Golding's a ghost, right? Or maybe a figment of Clarke's imagination? The trailer drops a few clues suggesting that one of these might turn out to be the case (we never see Golding interacting with anyone other than Clarke; he seems to appear out of nowhere; there's that odd mention of the near-death experience Clarke's character experienced), but surely they wouldn't tip their hand so clumsily, right? Ha ha, who am I kidding, of course they would.

Setting that suspicion aside: Last Christmas looks charming enough, it's certainly easy on the eyes (Feig's movies always look great), and lord knows I am never displeased to be hearing George Michael songs, but still - this trailer's also not setting our world on fire. That's okay, though: not every movie needs to be for everybody, and maybe this one's for you. Please let us know if you enjoy it!

Last Christmas hits theaters on November 8th.