Stephen King Meets CATS In The Most Alarming Trailer Mash-Up You’ll See Today

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Sometimes (oh, who am I kidding, it's basically all the time), people send me upsetting things they find on Twitter. Unfortunate photos, terrible memes, skin-crawlingly embarrassing YouTube clips - you name it. Soaking up the worst possible corners of the internet (and then sharing them with others) has become something of a hobby of mine, my brain's first line of defense against being totally overwhelmed by the actual horrors of the internet.

Which is how I wound up being sent the following trailer mash-up by Dread Central's Editor-in-Chief, Jonathan Barkan. Mr. Barkan understands the sort of horrible nonsense I enjoy, and knows I am particularly fond of anything Cats-related. The footage you're about to see happens to combine the unspeakable horror of Tom Hooper's forthcoming musical with the work of Stephen King, which pushes it beyond the realm of "a thing for me to be upset by on Twitter" and straight into "Share this with the BMD readership" territory. You might not like it, but by God I will not pass on an opportunity to show it to you.

Behold: Stephen King's Cats.

Does this contain any nutritional value? No. Does it provide any serious analysis of the phenomenon surrounding Cats (which is to say: everyone - well, almost everyone - seems put off by the film's makeup designs)? No, definitely not. Is it a perfectly enjoyable way to spend two minutes? Yes, and maybe in doing so your mind will drift away from whatever other horrible thing is happening in the world right now. It is in that spirit that I share the above with you. Here's hoping it put the same bounce in your step that it put into mine. 

Tom Hooper's Cats hits theaters on December 20th and there's nothing you can do about it.