STICKS & STONES Trailer Suggests Dave Chappelle Is Ready To Risk It All

But will you be tuning in?

Serious question: where are you at with Dave Chappelle?

We needn't go through the comedian's tortured history, right? The sudden end of Chappelle's Show. The erratic (or was it?) behavior. The self-imposed exile and eventual transformation into an alarmingly ripped version of his former self. This is all old news. What's fresher are the string of stand-up specials Chappelle's been delivering Netflix over the last few years, all of which have apparently been major draws for the streaming service...while also yielding mixed responses from his fanbase (to say nothing of the debates they've inspired on social media). For better or for worse, Chappelle has made it clear that he has a limited amount of interest in changing with the times.

And now another one's en route, one which this trailer suggests will find Chappelle "risking it all" (that Morgan Freeman, a problematic figure in his own right, has been brought back to deliver this voiceover is probably another conversation worth having). Is this just standard marketing hype, or is Chappelle really planning to go buck wild with this new round of material? And either way, do you intend to watch?

Let us know in the comments below. Dave Chappelle's Sticks & Stones hits Netflix on August 26th.