FANGO BONUS PAGES: David Cronenberg’s Last Horror Show

Keith Phipps looks back at DEAD RINGERS, a critical pivot in David Cronenberg’s cinematic journey.

Back when we announced the relaunch of the mag, the sheer volume of folks reaching out to contribute was amazing, but the CALIBER of writers positively humbled me. One of them was Keith Phipps, whose great work at The Dissolve was so inspiring to me. We talked about what new direction Fango was going to take, and we landed on a 30th anniversary piece from Keith about David Cronenberg's Dead Ringers...

...and I've never commissioned an anniversary piece since, because Keith's fantastic 30th anniversary piece was bumped from issue 1, and issue 2 was published in 2019. Celebrating Dead Ringers' 31st anniversary felt a little silly. 

But the egg on my face is your gain, as you get to experience Keith's great article (laid out by Fango art director goddess Ashley Detmering) the way it was meant to be seen. And really, any day is a good one to celebrate Cronenberg's 1988 evolution past horror and toward his next career phase of exploring identity and reality in a headier, less overtly horror (but frequently no less graphic) space. 

And this peek comes with a promise, to you and to Keith: I WILL have him in the magazine's pages before long.  

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Tomorrow: find out just why James Cagney was so pissed off about The Exorcist. - Phil Nobile Jr.