SILICON VALLEY’s Final Season Just Got A Trailer

You know things are going well because Richard's testifying in front of Congress.

Well, we've shared some good times together, but HBO's Silicon Valley will wrap its run this year in an abbreviated sixth and final season (this one's comprised of just seven episodes). Judging by this newly-released trailer, it looks like the Pied Piper boys are taking their battle against Hooli all the way to Congress. 

As you can see, Thomas Middleditch's Richard Hedricks is still in top form.

Silicon Valley's made for largely reliable comedy programming over these past few years, but it does seem as though the show's run its course a bit. Here's hoping they go out with a bang, and that they give this saga the conclusion it deserves (kinda seems like everyone oughtta end up right back where they started without learning anything, but I'm willing to see what Mike Judge and company have come up with). 

Silicon Valley returns on October 27th. Y'all still watching this one?