New RAMBO: LAST BLOOD Trailer Looks Back At The Many Kills Of John Rambo

The mumbling maniac is back!

How crazy is it that we’re about to get another Rambo movie? That last one was a gory masterpiece that said pretty much everything it needed to say about the character (not much), and left him in a nice, open place for a peaceful old age.

Instead, he gets another movie of fucking people up. And while I have a hard time adjusting my image of a mostly feral veteran to a rugged farmer tending horses and getting stylish haircuts, I am happy that in the very least, Rambo is going to kill a bunch of fools. And he can still barely speak. Check out the new trailer:

This character has changed a lot through the years. Given that, I don’t know if all the flashback stuff totally works, but I also don’t really care. This movie comes out in a month and that’s really all that matters. Bring on the carnage, John Rambo!