Kit Harrington To Join MCU As… I Dunno… New Spider-Man?

If we are really lucky, perhaps one day we will find out.

Look if it’s Marvel, we’re going to cover it, even if all we can really cover is one measly sentence. In this case, that sentence involves Game of Thrones actor Kit Harrington joining the MCU. Who will he play? What movie will he appear in? C’mon, you know it’s not going to be that easy!

But if you like drawing connections with strands of yarn on your wall, note that Harrington’s Game of Thrones brother Richard Madden has already joined the MCU for the upcoming Eternals movie. From Game of Thrones, there aren’t that many bigger places you can go, but I kind of had Harrington pegged as a Star Wars guy.

This comes from Deadline’s Mike Fleming who, on the subject of more info, had this to say: “I was unable to figure out which film, and nobody was around to elaborate, which they probably wouldn’t anyway.” I mean, you heard it, right there.

But hey, if you like Game of Thrones and you also like Kit Harrington, you are most certainly in luck. Someday soon that luck will pay off. I don’t know which day though because there’s no one around here to elaborate and they probably wouldn’t anyway. No one here likes me. They call me names behind my back, I know it. They have this prearranged move where they all look directly at me when the boss asks for new ideas so I have to scramble and they're all off the hook, and I know I fucked up by not taking a Secret Santa thing seriously but that was ten years ago you guys. Jesus Christ.