LOKI Finally Gets A Director

Enter Kate Herron.

We’ve known about a lot of these Disney+ Marvel shows for a while, but one thing to get less mention is the creative teams bringing them to life. Today at D23 some of that puzzle is starting to come together. For Loki, at least, we finally have a director: Kate Herron.

You may know Herron from her work directing shows like Sex Education and Five by Five. Unfortunately, I don’t know these shows, but looking at her IMDB page, she seems to be pretty humor-driven, which is all I needed to hear. It’s Marvel. It’ll look fine. We just need the character stuff to sing, and I’m betting Herron has what it takes.

I hope this means the other shows are also going to be led by one director as well, rather than a different person per episode. It would be great for all of these to feel unified like extra long movies with characters we love.

At least that’s the ideal notion of what this could be. We’ll see how it all turns out. But until then it’s hard not to get excited about all this.