Marvel And Sony Are Fighting Over SPIDER-MAN Director Jon Watts

The custody battle gets bigger and bigger.

The battle between Disney/Marvel and Sony is not only over the Spider-Man character. One member of the Spider-Man creative team has become a point of contention too. According to Deadline, Spider-Man: Homecoming and Far From Home director Jon Watts is getting offers from both studios to continue working with one of them.

The demand for Watts is understandable for both sides. If Sony wants to create the impression that their next Tom Holland Spider-Man picture is a continuation of the two most recent movies, despite the abrupt separation from the MCU, then Watts is the best choice to make the next movie feel consistent. After working on the two previous movies, Watts knows this story and this cast better than anyone.

Meanwhile for Marvel, after working with Watts to produce Homecoming and Far From Home, they probably want to retain as many directors as they can who have proven they function well within the Marvel Industrial Complex. Also, it’s the ultimate spite move to poach the director who Sony needs most at the moment.

As of now, there’s no sign that Watts has made a decision, nor do we have any idea which projects Marvel Studios would have in mind for Watts outside of Spider-Man. The Deadline report also mentions that Disney apparently asked for a 25% co-financing/co-revenue stake in a potential Spider-Man renewal, but I don’t know. So many different percentages have been cited in this story that it’s making my head spin. Just tell me what they agree on, if they agree on anything, please.