Surprise, The BREAKING BAD Movie Will Be Here In A Matter Of Weeks

The first EL CAMINO trailer has arrived.

A curious thing happened over the weekend: roughly halfway through Saturday, while the rest of the world was entirely focused on the goings-on at this year's big D23 Expo, Netflix dropped something of a bombshell announcement - as recent rumors had indicated, the Breaking Bad movie was completed, and would hit the streaming service on October 11th. 

Why announce this in the middle of an already-busy weekend? Well, as pointed out by Complex, it appears that someone stumbled across a listing for the film (full title: El Camino - A Breaking Bad Movie) while poking around on Netflix and took their findings to social media, which may or may not have contributed to Netflix's decision to announce the show at one of the weirdest possible times. It's also possible this is just another in a lone line of puzzling marketing decisions from the streamer, which has become known over recent years for their, shall we say, sometimes baffling methods. 

Anyway, it wasn't just the title and release date that got announced: Netflix also dropped El Camino's first teaser trailer, which features one very familiar face. Check it out.

So, this is all pretty fascinating. Years after the fact, Vince Gilligan has returned to write and direct a feature-length postscript to his award-winning and dearly beloved series, one that'll finally tie up the gigantic loose end (read: what happened to Jesse Pinkman?) left dangling at the end of Breaking Bad's series finale. I don't know how any fan of the series wouldn't be excited about this.

Oh, there's also a poster.

As mentioned above, El Camino - A Breaking Bad Movie hits Netflix on October 11th. Obviously, we'll be watching it alongside the rest of you. Stay tuned for further updates if and when they become available.