THE IRISHMAN Gets Its Release Dates, All Of Them

Theatrical and the one you’re more likely to watch.

It’s been a long journey getting here, but we finally know when Martin Scorsese’s highly anticipated The Irishman is coming out. I won’t beat around the bush. You can catch it in theaters on November 1 and if that option does not suit you, Netflix will have it November 27.

You may remember we ran a story in which producer Irwin Winkler went on Gilbert Gottfried’s podcast and said the film would come out on Thanksgiving. We were told to change that story to call his claim inaccurate. Well, he was off by a day.

The film’s theatrical run will be interesting. It starts in New York and LA. Then it will add US screens and expand into the UK on November 8. You won’t be able to see it at AMC or Cineplex theaters because they are sore about how quickly the film will be viewable on Netflix.

If you live in a city that shouldn’t be a huge hurdle to overcome for your Irishman fix. But I understand potential frustration over not seeing your favorite actors de-aged to look 60 as soon as everyone else. It’s small comfort, but if you can just wait the month out, you’ll be basking in the glow of The Irishman too.