The New JOKER Trailer Sends In The Clowns

This is an excellent trailer.

As of this writing, we are just 37 days away from the release of Todd Phillips' Joker, the highly-anticipated, much-debated, allegedly awards-worthy solo movie built around Batman's greatest nemesis. The film premieres this week at the Venice Film Festival, which means we'll likely begin hearing the first reactions from critics very soon. Until then, we've been given a brand-new trailer to gawk at. 

How's it look? Like Joaquin Phoenix is killing it, that's how.

Folks, that's an excellent trailer. Even better than the first one. I know there's a fair amount of debate surrounding this title (much of it revolving around the leaked script that made the rounds a few months ago), but even if you're absolutely dreading this film, I don't know how anyone could watch that trailer and not be intrigued, at the very least. The discourse surrounding Joker is all but guaranteed to be absolutely exhausting (yes, yes, we know - it's a King of Comedy/Taxi Driver riff), but that's not to say that the film at the heart of it will be bad. Might even be great. Guess we'll just have to wait and see.

Good news is, we won't be waiting much longer: Todd Phillips' Joker hits theaters on October 4th. Buckle up.