Will Poulter Will Be, I Dunno, A Smartass Elf Or Something In LORD OF THE RINGS Series

Please, can we get a real title for this show already?

We know very little about Amazon’s massive upcoming Lord of the Rings series. One thing we do know is that it takes place long before Lord of the Rings, so calling it the “Lord of the Rings” series over and over again is misleading and makes me feel bad. I get secrecy on a thing like this but it would be very helpful if we could get a real title for the show. That’s probably not good for IP though.

In any case, today brings us news that 2019 MVP Will Poulter has been cast in the darn Lord of the Rings show. We don’t know what/who he will play, of course, but Variety claims he will be a show lead, of which I’m betting there are about two dozen.

What more can be said, really? We’re going to be seeing a lot of this in the coming months, casting news with no real details to add. This project is going to be huge and probably fascinating, but for now there isn’t much to go on. I’m excited for it, though, and I’m curious what kind of flavor a guy like Poulter will add to Tolkien. We’ll see soon! (But not all that soon.)