Pennywise Has Nothing On This WRINKLES THE CLOWN Trailer

And THAT’s why you always leave a note.

Sometimes you come across a movie that just demands a viewing. Not because they’re directed by someone you love or star a bunch of favorite actors or continue a beloved story or any of that. Simply because you have to know what goes down. For me, that’s Wrinkles the Clown. Check out the trailer and see if you agree:

It looks like this is a documentary about a legit scary clown people call to scare their kids into shape. What a glorious concept for a film. It helps that the clown actually looks scary, but even if he didn’t, my mind is already swimming with all the potential bad ways this can go. And no, I’m not going to look any of this shit up ahead of time.

You’ll get your chance to see the film October 4. Unless you’re coming to Austin for Fantastic Fest, in which case you can see it there. I’m definitely going to, and you can count on coverage from our end. And let’s just say, if things turn out well for Wrinkles, I may consider a new line of work for myself. (But I suspect things do not turn out well for Wrinkles.)