Marvel’s HAWKEYE Enlists Hailee Steinfeld

In which Marvel's Disney+ series finds its star.

Hailee Steinfeld, who most recently starred opposite a giant computer robot masquerading as a crappy car in Bumblebee, is joining another major franchise: Variety reports that Steinfeld has signed on to star in Hawkeye, one of a handful of new series Marvel is developing for Disney+. Jeremy Renner, who recently lost his official app to mischievous internet trolls (the fun kind), will reprise the title role from the MCU, while Steinfeld will take on the lead role of Kate Bishop – thus validating all that pre-Endgame speculation. 

In the comics, Bishop is a young hero who takes up the Hawkeye persona when Clint Barton hangs up his bow and arrow. Based on brief glimpses in the trailers, some fans speculated that this role might be filled by Clint's daughter in Avengers: Endgame. That didn't pan out, but it seems Marvel's plans aren't too far off: Clint will likely serve as a mentor to Kate in the Hawkeye series, allowing Renner to dedicate more time to his other creative endeavors, like starring in Jeep commercials and auditioning for Imagine Dragons. And since Marvel's Disney+ shows, unlike their ABC and Netflix titles, will be directly related to/impacted by the MCU, it's quite possible that Steinfeld's Bishop could have a more significant role to play in the coming years.