MondoCon 2019: Mr Eff Recreates ’80s Sleaze With EYES DOWN

We've got an exclusive look at the new vinyl from Burning Witches Records.

Disclosure: BMD and Mondo are both owned by the Alamo Drafthouse

As any repeat attendee will enthusiastically tell you, MondoCon isn't all prints and posters featuring stunning artwork (though that is certainly a major draw) – there are also some spectacular vinyl releases to be discovered from labels like Burning Witches Records. The fine folks from the UK-based outfit have collaborated with Mr Eff to bring an exclusive new vinyl LP to MondoCon 2019, and they've given us an early sneak peek at one of the more intriguing releases hitting the con: Eyes Down

Mr Eff's synth-heavy record, featuring artwork by Haunt Love, takes its inspiration from a very specific time and place in American culture: New York City in 1981, an exceptionally violent time in the city – 

1981 was the most violent year in history of New York City as recorded by crimes per capita.
Many crimes occurred at subway stations and on the trains. Riders were terrified and told to keep their EYES DOWN for fear of provoking violence.
Burning Witches Records are proud to present Eyes Down by Mr Eff, a New York slice of sleazy subway synth that harkens back to the days of early 80s fear for the train riders. High crime and horror at every turn have inspired one of the best synth albums of the year. Thick with heavy synthersizer atmosphere and dread, transposed with seedy disco beats, Mr Eff has captured a time and essence when no one felt safe. 

The limited edition "subway grime" release is an 180g heavyweight vinyl mastered by BuringTapes and cut at the historic Abbey Road studios. Additionally, the heavyweight 425gsm sleeve features an insert print and download card – all exclusive to MondoCon 2019, which takes place September 14-15 in Austin. Check out some pics of the Eyes Down vinyl and packaging below, and head over to the official MondoCon site to purchase a badge.