In The Trailer For Apple TV+‘s SEE Jason Momoa Can’t, Uh, See

Kinda like how most of us won't sign up to SEE this show.

Now I don't know about the rest of you, but I like Jason Momoa. He's a charming, charismatic dude with an edge that can back up his action roles. I also like Steven Knight. He's made a name for himself as a prestige screenwriter, but he also has a real weirdo streak (seen in its excess in 2019's Serenity). For these reasons, I'm interested in the Jason Momoa-starring, Steven Knight-produced series See, coming soon on Apple TV+. But am I interested enough to sign up for Apple TV+?

Well... I'll let the trailer speak for itself.

There's also a synopsis:

In the far future, a virus has decimated humankind. Those who survived emerged blind. Jason Momoa stars as Baba Voss, the father of twins born centuries later with the mythic ability to see—who must protect his tribe against a powerful yet desperate queen who believes it’s witchcraft and wants them destroyed. Alfre Woodard also stars as Paris, Baba Voss’ spiritual leader.

So what we have here looks very elaborate and expensive (Apple spent $15 million per episode), but it also seems a little plot-bare and basic. The premise reads less like an enticing ten-hour saga, and more like a YA dystopia novel from the 1950s. And didn't Netflix just give us a post-apocalyptic story where the world's lack of vision was the main obstacle? Hey, while Bird Box wasn't great, at least it was only two hours long.

There's also the elephant in the room that our stories should be past the point of othering common disabilities like blindness solely for the sake of cheap sci-fi thrills. I'll reserve my judgments until I actually see the show, but seeing how the premise positions a disabled identity as an obstacle to be overcome, and the blind main characters are all played by sighted actors, things are already looking a bit iffy.

See will premiere on November 1st, with the launch of Apple TV+. At the time of this writing, I don't even know how to watch Apple TV+, and I still don't feel that enticed to learn. I'm sure See will bring in millions of loyal subscribers though, just on the strength of Jason Momoa's biceps alone.