Antoine Fuqua’s INFINITE Gets Its Villain With Chiwetel Ejiofor

Yes, please, let’s get going on the Fuqua superhero film, thanks.

It’s been over a year since Antoine Fuqua’s Equalizer 2 hit screens, and that is just too long to go without a new Fuqua movie. Luckily, his next one sounds really interesting.

For those who need a reminder (and honestly, I needed a bit of one myself), that film is Infinite. It stars Mark Wahlberg and focuses on a group of people who are more or less immortal via constant reincarnation. They have to defeat a villain using a schizophrenic man whose weird dreams are really just memories of his past lives.

Obviously, Mark Wahlberg will be the man with schizophrenia. And now we know the villain he fights will be played by Chiwetel Ejiofor. That work for me! Ejiofor is great. Given this is Fuqua, I’m hoping this works out like a kind of r-rated superhero movie. Ejiofor would fit into that role very well as he’s super charming but can also be quite scary.

Of course, that R-rating is just an assumption. I’m interested either way, but I am hoping Fuqua goes hard with it. We’ll just have to wait and see.