Go On The Run With This QUEEN & SLIM Trailer

A Black Bonnie and Clyde movie? Sure, hand it over!

The hook behind Melina Matsoukas's Queen & Slim is such a no-brainer, it's a mystery why this movie hasn't been made ten times already. A young Black couple go on the run after taking a stand against police violence: it's the Bonnie and Clyde spin that everyone's been waiting for.

Thankfully, we won't have to wait much longer to see it, because Matsoukas and Lena Waithe (of Master of None and The Chi fame) have made that movie happen.

Here's the trailer for it:

I dig how this movie looks. I dig Matsoukas' visual palette (which should be familiar to anyone who's watched Insecure or Beyoncé's "Formation" video. I dig Daniel Kaluuya doing his batshit criminal Kaluuya thing we saw in Widows. And most of all, I dig that Bokeem Woodbine is in this.

If the trailer was unclear, here's the synopsis:

While on a forgettable first date together in Ohio, a black man (Get Out’s Daniel Kaluuya) and a black woman (Jodie Turner-Smith, in her first starring feature-film role), are pulled over for a minor traffic infraction. The situation escalates, with sudden and tragic results, when the man kills the police officer in self-defense. Terrified and in fear for their lives, the man, a retail employee, and the woman, a criminal defense lawyer, are forced to go on the run. But the incident is captured on video and goes viral, and the couple unwittingly become a symbol of trauma, terror, grief and pain for people across the country.

As they drive, these two unlikely fugitives will discover themselves and each other in the most dire and desperate of circumstances, and will forge a deep and powerful love that will reveal their shared humanity and shape the rest of their lives.

So it's the familiar "two people in love who reach their limit and go on the run" premise, updated with some much needed racial commentary. In addition to Kaluuya and Jodie Turner-Smith, the film also stars Bokeem Woodbine, Chloë Sevigny, Flea, and Sturgill Simpson (what a year for this dude). I'm intrigued to see how this plays out.

Queen & Slim comes out November 27, 2019, just in time to become a totally safe conversation starter for Thanksgiving dinner.