Paul Feig Is Amassing A DARK ARMY For Universal

It's a monster movie, but what KIND of monster movie?

As you know, Universal's Dark Universe franchise is very, very dead, but that doesn't mean the studio isn't still working on pictures that are, in some way or another, tied back to its classic Universal Monsters lineup. Leigh Whannell's working on a new Invisible Man. Brendan Fraser's openly calling for a return to the '90s Mummy franchise.

And as of today, we know that Paul Feig is working on something called Dark Army for the studio. We don't know precisely what it's about, but (according to Deadline) the film will include appearances from some of the classic Universal Monsters. That could mean just about anything, but given that bit of gossip and the film's title, we're gonna speculate that this might be a Monster Squad-type deal. That's reckless speculation, mind you, but there it is. 

Feig will write and direct the film, but beyond that there's nothing else to go on. No proposed cast members, no start date (much less a release date), nothing. We're curious where this is headed, though, and will keep you informed as further updates roll in. Stay tuned for those, and feel free to do your own reckless speculation in the comments below in the meantime.