See Nick Jonas Do This In The First MIDWAY Trailer

Roland Emmerich’s latest looks very, uh, green screen-y.

If there's one thing Roland Emmerich knows, it's spectacle

From the White House explodin' alien motherships of Independence Day to Jake Gyllenhaal outrunning a wall of frozen air (or some bullshit) in The Day After Tomorrow to John Cusack narrowly avoiding a volcanic explosion in an RV in 2012, Emmerich's a director who likes to put big, loud, stupid pixel-orgies straight into your eyeballs.

Now he's made Midway, a movie about the Battle of Midway, and he's pulled out all the stops: green screens! Planes crashing into boats! Nick Jonas operating a very large gun from inside an airplane while having a mustache! Woody Harrelson looking curiously restrained (and somewhat dapper in a silver dye job)! All of this and more awaits you in the trailer below!

Er...okay, well, that certainly does all the things I just said it was gonna do, but I'll be gosh-darned if that trailer doesn't leave me completely cold. Maybe I'm just burnt out on WWII stuff. Maybe Emmerich's penchant for digital explosions just isn't as impressive (?) as it used to be. Maybe I just know a cookie-cutter war movie when I see one. Maybe I don't need to be reminded of Pearl Harbor. Whatever the case may be, I'm bored.

But how 'bout you? This one doing anything for y'all? Sound off in the comments below, and...well, I'd say "Stay tuned for more on Midway as further updates become available!", but honestly, I don't know how much we're gonna bother with this one between now and the film's November 8th arrival in theaters. Sorry.