PSA: Vincenzo Natali’s IN THE TALL GRASS Will Not Be Pulling Any Punches

And you know what that means.

The good folks over at Decider scored a fun little exclusive today: a series of new images from Vincenzo Natali's In The Tall Grass, along with some very choice quotes from the director regarding his forthcoming Stephen King/Joe Hill adaptation, which has now been officially dated for an October 4th arrival on Netflix.

You should definitely head over there to check out their images and Natali's commentary, but we'd like to focus on one quote in particular, one which answers a question we've had about this adaptation ever since it was announced: namely, would Natali maintain the pitch-black and grotesquely ending violent King and Hill cooked up for their novella? 

Says Natali:

"[The film] contains the most shocking thing in that story—which, if anyone’s read it, they will know exactly what I’m speaking of. We don’t pull punches.”

Ohhhhhh, man! If you've not read In The Tall Grass, I won't be the person to spoil what Natali's talking about here (and, please, be a buddy - don't go into the comments and spoil it for anyone else; urge them to read the novella, instead), but if they've maintained King and Hill's ending, we are in for...well, it seems wrong to call it a "treat", but it'll certainly be memorable.

We'll know soon enough: In The Tall Grass hits Fantastic Fest next week, and the entire BMD crew is beyond hyped to get a look at it there. We'll have a review for you out of the fest, along with further coverage between then and the film's October 4th arrival on Netflix. Stay tuned for all that. And, seriously, if you've not read this one yet, do give it a shot. It's one of the best things King's written in years.