Get Lost In The First Trailer For IN THE TALL GRASS

Vincenzo Natali's Stephen King/Joe Hill adaptation looks just about perfect.

We've been reporting on Vincenzo Natali's In The Tall Grass for a long, long time now, and even though I've known it was coming (it'll be at Fantastic Fest this week!) and who's gonna be in it and where it's headed and basically everything else one might want to know about this film, I still cannot believe someone actually turned this particular Stephen King/Joe Hill short story into a movie. 

But done it Natali has, and today we've got a trailer to prove it.

This looks...exactly as an In The Tall Grass adaptation should look!

Which is to say: In The Tall Grass takes place largely within a single field, with a handful of characters hopelessly lost within the endless grass that grows there. By the looks of things, Natali's expanded the story to include a few new characters (probably necessary if you're gonna turn this relatively brief novella into a feature), but otherwise? This looks very faithful to the source material. I am most pleased, and cannot wait to see how gruesome things get (note: things got very gruesome in the novella, indeed). 

We'll have an interview with Natali and a review of In The Tall Grass for very shortly. In the meantime: what do y'all think of the trailer above? Have you read the novella upon which this film's based? Think it'll make for a good movie? Are you, too, picking up unexpected Cube vibes in the trailer above? Sound off in the comments below, and stay tuned.