Watch Val Kilmer Having A Blast With Us At VAL KILMER WEEKEND

We watched two classics with an absolute legend, and now we have the video proof.

A few weeks ago, I attended one of the greatest Rolling Roadshow events the Alamo Drafthouse has ever executed: a screening of George P. Cosmatos' 1993 classic, Tombstone, at the J. Lorraine Ghost Town in Manor, TX. You can (and should!) read my full report from that event here, but the long and short of it is: Tombstone remains one helluva movie, the Rolling Roadshow crew delivered an experience no one in attendance will ever forget, and Val Kilmer - who introduced the film before a crowd that was absolutely beaming with love for the guy - was a delight, mingling with fans, hitting the shooting range, and generally just being an all-around sweetheart. 

The very next day, the Rolling Roadshow executed the second half of Val Kilmer Weekend: a screening of Tony Scott's Top Gun at Camp Mabry. By all accounts, the results were the same for those in attendance: an absolute blast, with food tents and volleyball (of course they had volleyball, and of course Val Kilmer got in the mix) and a band playing and, once the sun set, a top-notch screening of Top Gun on the Rolling Roadshow's gigantic, inflatable screen. 

The Rolling Roadshow put together a video commemorating this awesome event, in which you can clearly see the fun everyone's having, the love everyone in Austin showed for Val Kilmer, and Kilmer himself, still recovering from throat cancer but in very high spirits (just look how happy he is to be back in the cockpit of a jet!). Check it out:

This was a truly heartwarming event for everyone involved, and we're so, so happy that Kilmer made the pilgrimage to attend. You can be our wingman any time, Val!